All-Hands Meeting 2019

On May 17, only a few days ahead of Squad 9's 16th anniversary of operations, we hosted our annual All-Hands Meeting! This marks the second consecutive year where members and leadership have gathered to discuss issues affecting the team, along with some of the big ideas and plans for the year to come.

The theme of 2019 is Squad 9's year of returning to our roots. Earlier this year, the Master Chief Collection was confirmed for an official PC launch. This created major opportunities for us to refocus strategically as a group and realign our community and organization in preparation for coming back to the game that launched it all.

Our leadership has spent nearly 3 months working tirelessly to level up ~S9~ across the board. The main goals have been:

1) Updating the Code of Conduct and all Team Protocols

2) Revamping the Rank system by adding more "levels" which members can earn

3) Complete overhauls to the website and online domains

4) Enhancements to members' meta experience in ~S9~

5) Providing more ways for members to get with involved building the team

6) Enabling new commercial operations to bolster our revenue

7) Engaging with the Halo PC community to network and recruit ahead of MCC

This bold agenda covers the biggest facets of Squad 9's focus for 2019, and are comprised of numerous milestones and projects we will be completing throughout the year. All of this is intended to enrich our organization's reach and strengthen our presence in the PC gaming community.

At the tactical level, there's too much information to list here on how we intend to complete all of this by year's end. One purpose of All-Hands is to relate leadership's strategic perspectives and offer members the opportunity to learn and get involved.

Our success is made possible through our members' continued support. Everything contributed matters - whether it's time, ideas, talent, or finances. All of it comes together to galvanize Squad 9's vision to become a premier gaming community and reach new heights for what we can achieve together.

The recording of our All-Hands meeting for 2019 has been uploaded to Youtube and can be viewed below: