Updated: May 30, 2019

With today being the last day of the year, it seems an altogether fitting time to include everyone on the good news Command Staff has to report on Squad 9's performance during this season.

Of the 16 seasonal milestones our leadership appointed as goals to be completed before the end of the year, we successfully completed 14!

Here's what's been accomplished:

  1. Monthly announcement posts like this have been reinstituted.

  2. Membership grew to 50, 60, then 70 members - and is nearing 80; a new record!

  3. Fireteams are once again part of Squad 9's organizational structure

  4. Squad 9's presence on social gamer media expanded; we added official accounts on Twitter, Youtube, and Twitch

  5. We upgraded from Google Sheets to Airtable for keeping an up-to-date roster that integrates all member info, awards, Fireteam info, and infractions

  6. We're also using Airtable's Kanban board for status tracking and task management

  7. More Moderators were employed to help police our servers

  8. Our web host changed from iClan to Wix and our website has drastically improved as a central hub for the Squad to us

  9. File and data storage for the team is now facilitated by Google Drive

  10. New Officers have been installed to run Brand Management and Recruitment (Congrats to Tazzers and Equestion!)

  11. Monthly leadership training has been re-instituted

  12. Quarterly budget needs were met; all expenses for servers, web hosting, and team projects were covered!

  13. Our Christmas raffle was a success, raising $132!

  14. Budget reporting will occur once per quarter for leadership to improve its planning capabilities and allocation of resources

All that's left to do is further improve our awards program and officially launch the Squad 9 Youtube brand account. Both these items will be the first order of business for 2018.

In addition to all the above, Squad 9 successfully formed new alliances with groups like [SM4], improved ties with existing allies like <<AS>>, and was able to reopen lines of communication with old friends like SG1X. Our presence and reputation in the greater PC gaming community continues to flourish, and we look forward to expanding our outreach to like-minded groups next year.

Looking ahead, tomorrow marks the beginning of a new season and we have an ambitious road ahead of us. The Squad's immediate focus will be on the following:

  1. Adding new servers on Insurgency

  2. New initiatives to include members more in our growth and management

  3. Pursuing new and exciting sources of revenue, to expand the team's budget and unlock new project possibilities

  4. Adding new Fireteams and expanding the range of activity possible for FTs to participate in

  5. Several other projects we can't wait to unveil once the time is right!

2017 has been a year of rapid growth for us. The status of Squad 9's forces is at historic levels. Our members have never been more numerous and our leadership has never been more organized. Productivity was at an all time high, and this has enabled us to set our sights even higher for the future.

As a team, we're becoming stronger and more influential. Our task now is to use that strength and influence to shape the communities we engage with to become greater.

Going forward, everything we do will set an example for others to follow. Our greatest task is to follow our Code - like never before.

The challenges we will face this next year are only as great as the difficulty we impose on ourselves. As long as we stand united in both our principles and our pursuits, we will continue to rock the world.

2017 has been a year of growth. Let's make 2018 a year of achievement.

Stay strong. Keep to the Code. Be the elite I know you all are.

And thank you - for making this year our finest.

For Honor and Glory! ~S9~ Falcon197, Commander