The following articles comprise a Code of Conduct for the members of Squad 9. Anyone who follows this Code may call themselves our friends and perform in the service of our team.


Members of Squad 9 are expected to know and conduct themselves in accordance with our nine foundational principles:

Treat others how you expect to be treated.

Commit yourself to achieving your team’s goals.

Perform your tasks and obey the rules.

Be strong when facing fear or adversity.

Practice self-discipline and uphold your values.

Put your teammates first in all circumstances.

Follow your leaders and rely on your teammates.

Time your actions with purpose and precision.

Play fair and adhere to this Code.


These guidelines help maintain a friendly and productive atmosphere within Squad 9. Each section applies to all members, regardless of rank or position.

Members may speak however they choose. But excessive swearing, abusive or obscene speech, flaming, sexism, racism, or any other intentionally derogatory remarks or imagery will not be tolerated.

Members are permitted to voice complaints to leadership about other members, team policies, or any concerns they have. All reports will be kept anonymous and only distributed amongst the leadership.

Any member who violates the Code of Conduct may receive a suspension, demotion, or permanent ban in cases of serious misconduct. Stricter penalties will be applied for repeated offenses. Appeals to Command Staff are allowed if members believe that their actions were justified.

Members of ~S9~ are expected to wear our tags and no others. This is to avoid conflicting loyalties or schedules and prevents division of interests. Anyone wishing to join another group must request a discharge.

Members are encouraged to participate in team events whenever possible. Schedule conflicts happen and are acceptable. However, any member who ceases online activity in Squad 9 for more than one month or thirty days without giving prior notification or requesting leave will be discharged for inactivity.

Members are expected to follow orders given by Officers in charge of Squad 9’s online operations. While no penalties exist for disregarding a direct order, issues may arise if a member continuously disregards orders and in turn affects the team’s operational efficiency.

Any member who is found to be using hacks or mods to bolster their competitive skill level; or unfairly exploiting online gameplay; or participating repeatedly in hacked lobbies or servers will receive a permanent ban from Squad 9.


Squad 9’s authority and membership is divided between the unit’s three branches:

Command Staff is comprised of the Commander and Executive Officer. Together they are responsible for planning new team initiatives, maintaining Squad 9’s organization, assigning roles and responsibility to members, and positively developing the team as a whole. Command Staff may issue clarification or settle disputes involving operational directives, team policies, Protocols, or any issues requiring high-level rulings. The Executive Officer has the ability to discharge the duties of the Commander if that individual becomes indisposed. The Commander can only be removed by impeachment—for exhibiting patterns of irresponsible behavior that violate the Code of Conduct—or through resignation. A resigning Commander may nominate a replacement, to be approved by Command Staff. In all other circumstances, authority passes to the Executive Officer until Officer Corps elects a new Commander by unanimous vote.

Officer Corps is comprised of members who are active in leading and executing online operations. Every Officer shall be assigned charge over a part of Squad 9’s operations or organization. Officer Corps operates under the oversight of Command Staff and is permitted to accomplish its goals by any means, so long as those means do not defy Squad 9 Team Protocols or the Code of Conduct. Additional responsibilities shared by Officer Corps include team administration and event planning, along with processing recruits, training members, server administration, moderation roles, issuing award nominations, and coordinating member activities.

Members carry out directives established by Command Staff or Officer Corps. Every member participates in Squad 9 operations and represents the face of the team online. They are allowed use of Squad 9’s website, servers, and communications platforms. Members may organize into Fireteams if they so choose, and are free to invite new people to join the Squad. All recruits must be processed by a member of Officer Corps.


All management items applicable to Squad 9’s leadership are outlined as follows:

Administrative access to Squad 9’s online domains is limited to Command Staff or authorized members of Officer Corps. Other members may be granted provisional access. Passwords may only be changed by Command Staff. Core materials such as the Code of Conduct or Team Protocols may not be edited, updated, or removed without Command Staff approval.

Command Staff and Officer Corps are responsible for regulating activities on team-sponsored servers or voice communication platforms. Non-members may use our server(s) with permission from Officer Corps or Command Staff. The Code of Conduct still applies in the server(s) and anyone found to be violating its terms is subject to suspension or ban.

Terms and conditions of any alliances formed with other groups are left to the discretion of Command Staff. Alliances may not be dissolved without a unanimous ruling by Command Staff.

The Code of Conduct is the exclusive property of Squad 9’s members. It represents our core document and may not be edited, replaced, or removed without approval by Command Staff and unanimous validation by Officer Corps.